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Jun 21 2012

Life Long Learners in Action!

Thank you so much for all the encouragement! Today was just my third day in the classroom and my little Life Long Learners (Our classroom theme is becoming LLL’s!) have made SO many huge improvements! Through a ton of re-teaching ¬†and practicing acceptable behaviors (sitting criss-cross applesauce, zip it up before you raise it up, Life Long Learning position, a million others) my CoLab of 4 teachers is so excited with the progress we have seen! Our sweet little learners are finally beginning to look, sound, and act like second graders! yay! Here are a few of the weeks highlights:

While I was introducing our lesson on identifying physical traits, I told them this was an important thing for second graders to know about. Who wants to be a second grader? All hands went up. Who wants to be a FIFTH grader?? again, all hands. Who wants to go to HIGH SCHOOL?? hands. Caleb (clearly too excited to zip it up and raise it up..) yells: “un-uh miss, I’m gonna go to COLLEGE!” the class all cheers!


Janiya- our only girl- is a sweet as can be and holds her own with all the boys. Janiya has so many difficulties in school. She is unable to recognize all letters of the alphabet, very rarely can match a letter sound to its letter name, and will ask to draw a picture instead of write whenever possible. Still, she doesnt let it get her down, she participates in class, tries her hardest to make letter sounds, and smiles constantly. I am SO proud to say that Janiya now knows that the letter T says tttt and is not an A (her previous thinking…), the letter S says Sssss not mmmmm, the letter B says bbbbb like in bed (which she said she does not sleep on), AND the letter M says mmmm like mom (which, she does not have). She is rocking it!

Another daily routine, groping my hair… “Miss. B your hairs so soft”, “Miss. B I love your hair”, and today, the best, “Miss. B I found this piece of your hair miss” (as he’s handing me a strand of my hair off the ground)!

Our favorite class cheer= What are we?? LIFE LONG LEARNERS!




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