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Aug 03 2012

Updates from Huntsville!

Tomorrow will mark the end of my very first week living in Huntsville. It has certainly been a crazy busy week with lots of learning, changes, and so much anticipation building for that first day of school!

Although I would have loved more than just a short week to soak up Fort Worth, I have been so pleased with all my new hometown has to offer. A super target, brand new chipotle, and a Lily store… I am set! Huntsville really is a neat town, especially with the huge influence that the NASA space and rocket center (where our nations first rocket to the moon was constructed) and the 39 thousand acre Red Stone Arsenal (where a lot of weapons that I don’t really understand are housed) have. A really smart town and a ton of opportunities for kids in terms of science and math exploration. (please come visit!)

This past weekend I got to meet with my principal and finally see my school!!! I love it! Here are some pictures! Wish I had time or energy to write more, but everyday this week I have had long days of Professional Development… Last day of Huntsville City Schools orientation tomorrow! Then time to make this EMPTY classroom come alive!

My roommates after signing our lease! (finally)

New Teacher badge, official!

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